Mayor’s Office

Žalanského 291/12b
1st floor, office 211,
phone.: 234 683 545, fax: 235 300 129

Organizational and Administrative Section:

  • Ensuring that the citizens are informed of the work of the municipality and the district council by means of the local magazine, the inquiry office and internet.
  • Providing the citizens with the possibility to have a look at the publicly available documents on the decision-making process of the elected self-government authorities (e.g. the municipality or the district council’s meeting minutes and resolutions) based on the citizens’ request.

Press and Information Section:

Žalanského 291/12b
1st floor, office 206,
phone: 234 683 544, 602 228 276
phone: 234 683 531, 720 524 688

  • Registering social and cultural events at the territory of Prague 17 and partaking in their propagation
  • Taking part in creating informational and promotional publications for the public
  • Ensuring the administration of all advertising in the "Řepská sedmnáctka" magazine

Complaint Administration:

Žalanského 291/12b
1st floor, office  207,
phone: 234 683 511, fax: 235 300 129

  • Centralized registering of complaints and settling the citizens’ complaints, reports, initiatives and petitions, including taking part in local investigations if needed (in collaboration with the corresponding departments of the municipal authority)
  • Settling the citizens’ complaints and petitions for the municipality, the district council and individual representatives of the district authority