Communal Property Administration Department

Žalanského 291/12b,
1 floor (offices 213, 203, 205, 206)
phone: 234 683 111, fax: 234 683 405

  • Communal apartment rent application
  • “Starting apartment” rent application
  • Barrier-free apartment application
  • Competitive tendering for communal apartment rent
  • Voluntary apartment exchange consent application
  • Apartment rent transition application
  • Application for amending the lease agreement following a divorce
  • Application for amending the lease agreement following a marriage
  • Application for joint rent of an apartment
  • Application for issuing a sublease consent
  • Application for renting an apartment from the retreat housing fund for elderly citizens
  • Application for issuing a foreigner accommodation consent
  • Lease agreement extension application
  • Application for changing the rent period in the lease agreement
  • Application for renting the apartment to asylum holders
  • Application for renting doctor’s offices and pharmacies
  • Roof space rent application
  • Non-residential space and studio rent application
  • Application for transferring the rent of a non-residential space
  • Application for renting garage parking lots
  • Competitive tendering for non-residential space, studio and garage parking lot rent
  • Controlling the proper execution of the lease agreement
  • Warnings
  • Apartment rent cancellation for reasons other than non-payment of rent
  • Application for recalling apartment rent cancellation for reasons other than non-payment of rent
  • Petitions for the legal department, for reasons other than non-payment of rent
  • Preparing materials for negotiations between the district council and the municipality of Prague 17
  • Collaboration with the district’s lawyers in pursuance of legal disputes
  • Processing data for the legal department running legal disputes
  • Ensuring advisory work by a law firm
  • Filing projects with the real estate registry
  • Construction alteration in apartments and non-residential spaces managed by Prague 17
  • Public orders including building construction control within the department
  • Land lease application
  • Back garden lease application
  • Land sale application
  • Public orders in connection with inputting expert opinions, geometric schemes, and work on Prague 17 District land
  • Application for establishing servitude
  • Land loan application
  • Application for tree felling on Prague 17 District land
  • Inventory check
  • Tomb space and columbarium niche rent
  • Military graves
  • Collaboration with external organizations in preparing projects
  • Passing on information on discovered opportunities to the relevant organizations established by Prague 17

Office hours:
Monday      8.00 - 12.00          13.00 - 17.30
Wednesday 8.00 - 12.00          13.00 - 18.30
Friday         7:30 - 11:00

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